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Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed


If your wisdom teeth are healthy, fully erupted, positioned correctly, and can be cleaned daily, a dentist in Lewisville, Texas may not recommend having these teeth removed.

However, oftentimes, they don’t have a room to grown properly and may even cause problems to the rest of the teeth. In this case, a Chinese dentist in DFW area will highly recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted.

Here are other reasons you need wisdom tooth removal as recommended by an affordable dentist in Lewisville:

  • Jaw damage
    When the wisdom teeth grow impacted within the jaw, it shifts the rest of the teeth and the jawline. As a result, they will limit and cause pain opening the mouth.
  • Sinus problems
    Impacted wisdom teeth can cause sinuses given there’s an intricate connection to the nose and mouth. When these teeth’s growth cause pressure, sinus pain, and congestion, you will have to call for a dental emergency in Lewisville, Texas.
  • Sensitivity and pain
    Pain may start small and so, impacted wisdom teeth may come undetected. However, if you sense any toothache, sensitivity, or slight throbbing sensations, pay attention. It may not get long they crowd the neighboring teeth and more.

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